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Often the first question people ask, why the Philippines?

Manila, the Philippines capital is a vibrant Asian city of more than 20 million people. Thriving with cultural diversity, prosperity and a vast talent pool of young eager workers in the Technology and Finance sectors. Add to that the the record number of students studying and graduating from these disciplines means the depth and quality of staff ready to join your business today is truly astonishing.

Techno Global Team helps you achieve high quality and scale-able growth to expand your business by embracing a cost effective and passionate workforce.


Economic Growth

The Philippines strong relationship with the US has seen it’s economy grow from strength to strength and with western style government and cultural influences it makes for a great place to invest.


Talent Pool

Some times to look forward you also have to stop and look back.The Philippines has an estimated 2+ million babies born each year and a population that has doubled in the last 20 years. Combine that with the Governments early adoption and continuing investment in the BPO and Education industry mean the talent pool of young, highly skilled and energetic workers will continue to grow in to the future.


Communication Skills

English is taught in all schools, making the Philippines the worlds third largest English speaking country, so verbal and written communication skills are outstanding.Having an American influence on the country since the late 1800’s means Filipino’s not only have a strong grasp of the English language, but also of western culture and standards.


Readily Available Workforce

During the 1990’s the Philippines Government realised the potential of the BPO industry and began to invest heavily in the education sector. Every year some 350,000 graduates enter the workforce increasing the readily available, highly professional talent pool


Tech Savvy

The average age of a Filipino working in the BPO industry is just 25 years of age. This generation is extremely tech savvy having technology present from the time they were born. They quickly adapt to new technology trends and have a great capacity for learning and retention of new processes.


Cost effective

Labour costs are one of, if not the largest expense to your business. Co-Sourcing allows you to take advantage of the lower cost in the Philippines, while maintaining quality service to your clients. Techno Global Team can help you to reduce labour cost on average around 60-80%

“TGT has helped us to cost effectively expand our team.”

“TGT has helped us to cost effectively expand our team. Initially I was hesitant to hire overseas technical staff but TGT has made the process easy. While some clients have voiced concern over our use of offshore staff, generally the response has been positive and some clients were even surprised to learn that the people that they rely on from Synapse were not working in our Melbourne office. Overall, engaging TGT has been a positive move for us.”

Hayden McMaster, Managing Director | Synapse IT Consultants


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