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TGT’s Sports Festival 2016

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 May 21, 2016


On Saturday May 21 2016, the Techno Global Team held their annual Sports Festival; where we witnessed the Manila office divided into two almighty teams, to battle it out in epic proportions of athletic prowess, skills and teamwork.

It was earmarked as a major event in amongst the full event calendar for the TGT staff this year. The co-owner’s of Techno Group – Peter and Darren Bell flew up from Australia especially for this momentous occasion and both took ownership of the two teams.

The two teams on the day were Peter Bell’s ‘The Boxing Kangaroos’ against Darren Bell and Peter Hammon’s (Asia Group Manager) Fighting Koala Bears, to battle it out and become company champions. The event was held at the SMB Prestige Corporation in Pasig, which had fantastic indoor facilities including a full basketball court, badminton and volleyball nets.

Upon arrival of both teams in the morning, the sledging immediately begun, it was to be a competitive and highly spirited contest right from the get go. The program included: the much anticipated basketball game first up, which many of the TGT staff fancied themselves at, a series of badminton matches and the final all-in volleyball thriller. Captains for the day were Kim Martin and Jun Tantiado Jr for the Boxing Kangaroos, Chris Cabalteja and Mae Tan for the Fighting Koalas.

The blockbuster basketball game certainly lived up to all its hype. With the cheerleaders of both sides vocal right from the very start and creating a deafening atmosphere. The more experienced Boxing Kangaroos came out hard in the first quarter lead by their captain Jun and took the ascendancy immediately. They took this lead into the second quarter, by remaining in a surplus of 10 points against the opposition for the next 10 minutes, thanks to the sublime skills of Michael Perez from Accounting.

After a desperate plea and rev up from Peter Hammon and Darren Bell in the owner’s box, the Fighting Koala Bears had to lift and get back into the game. In the final quarter 10 points down, the Fighting Koala Bears certainly started firing and their fitness shown through from performances by John Cruz and Evan Spargo (President TGT), where they proceeded to ‘make it rain’. Coming from behind in one of the greatest comebacks in history and in a nail-biting finish, the Fighting Koala Bears came out one-point victors. Congratulations to Jason Strachan for taking out MVP for the game.

Once lunch was served, it was back out onto the courts for the next sport badminton. We saw two official games played, there were some exquisite skills and finesse on display for all to see. With the absence of Mr. Badminton himself Peter Hammon from taking part, the Boxing Kangaroos took the honors, led by Izzy De Torres who was MVP.

Finally, it was down to the deciding game, the all-in volleyball match, where each

team fielded the majority of their players, for an all-star hit out. Right from the start, the Fighting Koalas led from the front and the Boxing Kangaroos failed to make ground against the fierce serves by Jaime Echano and Lena Abanes. The Koalas sailed to a comfortable victory, winning 15 to 10 and Jaime taking the honors of MVP.

Congratulations to the official new company champions the Fighting Koalas!

It was a fantastic day had by all those involved and who participated. Certainly a great show of athletic ability and skills by the staff, but also the team camaraderie displayed was the definite highlight at the end of the day. A fine representation of how tight the TGT team is with each other.

A big thank you to all the staff who came along on the day, to the HR team of TGT whom organized the event and to Peter and Darren Bell, for flying up from Australia to be there with us. The best thing about the day was that no one walked away empty handed, prizes were awarded to the winning team, consolations for the Kangaroos and plenty of food for everyone.

At Techno Global Team, everyone walks away a winner.


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