VIRTUAL SUMMIT | Friday 4th June 2021

What is team360?

We would like to extend an invitation to you and your management team to our annual Partner Event, this year Team 360 brings together a variety of themes to enhance your offshore program. It will be a great day - one not to be missed!

To ensure this day is of the utmost value to you and your business we have tailored different sessions & speakers throughout the day; Track One is integral to all new partners to gain a greater understanding of the Philippine Mindset ( a refresher from the 2018 Partner Day), whilst Track Two will include valuable content across a range of themes to enhance your offshore program.

What do you get from team360?

We have arranged guest speakers, experts in their field, who will present on a range of tools and techniques to enhance your business into the future. A full buffet lunch will be served during the Team 360 Track. We strongly encourage all Partners to attend this session.

Company Updates
Talent Discover in Recruitment
Security as a Service
Case Studies of Roles to Offshore
Partner Discussions
Q&A Sessions

With many new partners joining the TGT family over recent months, we felt it was important to revisit the content presented in 2018 - thanks to your feedback. The Philippine mindset is complex and differs from ours here in Australia, so gaining an understanding of how to best interact, engage and nurture your team is integral to success.
We strongly encourage all new Partners to attend this session.

Our second session, Team 360 will include valuable content on the daily operation and successful development of your offshore program. This session will include:

team360 Agenda?

Time Activity
11.30am Revisit – Philippine Culture Training
12.00pm Welcome Opening
12.15pm Recruitment Quartly Update
12.30pm Remote Teams vs Office Bases Teams
13.00pm Structure of a good Support team
14.00pm How to be a good boss
14.30pm Developing Sales Growth
15.30pm Q&A
16.00pm Conclude Webinar
16.05pm Finish’