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Techno Global Team Host Their ‘Offshoring For Success’ Business Breakfast

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 June 30, 2016

Melbourne, Australia; 24th June, 2016 — Technoglobal Team successfully hosted their inaugural business breakfast at Etihad Stadium, presenting the concept and benefits of offshoring, particularly to the Philippines. The underlying message for the presentation was highlighting the opportunity for Australian business owners to work on their business rather than in their business.

Techno Football style=
Techno Football

Esteemed guests arrived on the brisk Melbourne winter morning to the world class Etihad stadium and made their way to the Crest room, which overlooked the magnificent arena. It was here that they were greeted with a hot barista made coffee before taking their seats to watch the introductory video presented by Evan Spargo, the Chairman of the Technoglobal Team. Evan flew in from the Philippines to emcee this event and to showcase the world-class facilities of the Manila business district, to provide an explanation of offshoring and a visual tour of the TechnoGlobal Team office.

Crest Room, Etihad Stadium
Crest Room, Etihad Stadium

The next guest speaker was Carl Wardle, former co-founder of Distribute IT. Carl discussed his personal experience of being a victim of a cyber-attack and the effects it can have on your business. He discussed not just the technical perspective, but compliance responsibilities of being a business owner. Carl’s talk opened up the room to deeply consider how paramount security is to their businesses, the awareness and issue of social engineering in modern society, and the fact we are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks anywhere in the world, whether locally or internationally, there is no difference.

This was followed by breakfast partners for the event, Fortinet and Telstra. Nigel Stitt from Telstra spoke to the room about connecting Asia with Australia and explained how Technoglobal Team has worked with Telstra Global to provide secure and seamless connectivity from Manila to Melbourne for their clients.

The final segment of the event was the much popular Q&A session with the Technoglobal Team client panel. The panelists included Matthew Treacy (Head of Services – Origin IT), Mile Juric (Managing Director – SCI Australia) and Carl Woerndle (Executive Director – Elevate SSI). Questions were fired in from guests all around the room, posing questions regarding the reasons for offshoring, managing staff overseas, the benefits, challenges and working within the Philippines. The gentlemen on the panel didn’t hold back answering every question truthfully and provided first hand insight into offshoring with the Techno Global Team.

TGTCB 560px QA
Customer Panel Q&A

At the conclusion of the event, the guests walked away from the breakfast with a better understanding of the concept of offshoring. They were given an insight to the value and cost effectiveness it can add to their business, and the benefits of setting up an offshoring program with an established professional services provider. They also grasp a greater knowledge of the fast developing country that is the Philippines and what to expect from a talented, dedicated and passionate Filipino workforce.

“At the end of the day, everyone would rather be working on their business, rather than in their business, to maximize growth potential and focus on what really matters to them. Offshoring provides this opportunity,” said Peter Hammon, Asia Group Manager of the TechnoGlobal Team.”

TGTCB 560px PeterHelen
Peter Hammon (Asia Group Manager – Technoglobal Team) and Helen Pavlidis (Business Development Manager – Exclusive Networks)

TechnoGlobal Team, is part of the Melbourne based ICT solution provider Techno Group. It is a professional service offshoring company that provides professional staff in the Philippines, to contribute and add value to businesses in the Australian and New Zealand SMB market.

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