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IT Helpdesk Support, Programmers, Web development and many more


Bookkeeper, Accountants, Para Planners, Finance Administrators


Internal Sales, Appointment Setting, Personal Assistants, Customer Service


Almost any professional service can be provided in the Philippines


Techno Global Team has been successfully building offshore teams and delivering professional solutions to our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand since 2012.

Here are just 4 reason to choose Techno Global Team as your Offshore partner:


It’s in our companies DNA, we partner with some of the worlds biggest Telecommunications companies to ensure you get the best possible solution


Our experienced and passionate HR team match the right person, to the right role, in the right company – first time


Our team work with you to thoroughly plan and execute your offshore program, ensuring an easy and seamless integration


From just a single person to a team in excess of a 100, we can provide you with the ability to scale you offshoring program, but also the flexibility to ensure you succeed



The ideal solution for companies looking for a modern work environment, without needing to establishing your own office


We work with you to define outcomes and then build the business process to ensures it is delivered


While we hire, you choose the dedicated staff that will integrate in to your onshore programs and directly manage all work activities


Clients from across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia rely on Techno Global Team to provide them with their offshoring teams. Here are just a few who would be happy to share their journey

A visit to the TGT office in Manila confirmed world class facilities and world class management team who understand the IT support business and are experts in breaking down any cultural barriers that may affect customer service…


You guys have been brilliant to deal with, with your HR team and management incredibly helpful and the whole process and been quite effortless. Lots of advice along the way on how to maximise the return as quickly as possible…


TGT has helped us to cost effectively expand our team. Initially I was hesitant to hire overseas technical staff but TGT has made the process easy…


What surprised is was the quality of the candidates. Their technical knowledge was great, but more importantly, their phone manner, clarity in their voice and ability to control the conversation was what really stood out..


“Powernet’s number one core value is family, this is inclusive of our people, their families, our clients and partners. We wanted to build an afterhours function that meant our team could spend more time with their families and ultimately focus on what they are best at and enjoy most. Having a team at TGT has enabled us to do just that, we have tickets triaged, out of hours task taken care of and fewer calls going through to our team out of hours. We are very lucky to have a great team who add more value than we could have anticipated. To any business who is considering the same, I would recommend that they do it, go into it with an open mind to the possibilities and prepared to see this as an extension of their existing team.”


Daniel Williams, CEO
I thought about offshoring but was not sure how to get started – TGT came as a referral from a respected partner and made the process clear and easy. TGT staff both local and in Manila office were attentive and great to deal with. They answered my questions promptly and always ensure I know what is happening at TGT. They have a real personal touch so much so I feel that they are a part of my team. Having local staff and adding an offshore team means we have better flexibility with staff hours and therefore better able to service the workload. Public Holidays is one great example – between the local office and the offshore team we always have someone ‘on deck’. Efficiency increased and timeliness of work delivery as the offshore team are not disrupted by our local distractions – they are 100% focused on results.

KRS Consulting Group

Katrina Spinazzola, Owner
It has decreased stress on the team here and offshore and allowed us to service more customers. TGT have the personal touch – you are not just another employer or a number – they honestly care about your business and demonstrate this in their communications as well as their actions. If ever I doubt myself or a delivery to the offshore team, I know that they have my back. They are just like my office – only in another city. They share common vision and values to my business and I respect them as leaders of my office in Manila. I could not imagine a better partner for my team.

KRS Consulting Group

Katrina Spinazzola, Owner
I would not consider offshoring without TGT, the local staff support and infrastructure is excellent. The onsite HR and IT support means my business can run there without my involvement

Rosy Business

Lauren McMaster, Owner
While the cost differential is of benefit for Liveware the primary motivation for our team in Manila is staff availability, our industry is quite specialised and with the curtailment of the 457 Visa program we have addressed our staff shortages by establishing our Manila Team. Growth is one of the significant improvements that have resulted from our work with TGT. Without our Manila Team we would have not have been able to achieve our Human Resources growth target. The open bar and themed Christmas parties is always a winner.


Glenn Walker, Managing Director
Subnet benefits from using TGT for our support needs by providing us with office space for two local staff to remotely support our customers needs. The staff are friendly and helpful and assist by completing Reports and Monitoring checks for our customers reliably. When Subnet have visited Manila the TGT team have been friendly and helpful in facilitating us, granting us office spaces & meeting rooms. Significant improvements have been made in terms of delivery pipeline for our reports, as well as reliable checks and escalations for the monitoring checks. Our manila staff have been instrumental in providing front line attention to the monitoring board and work actively with our Australian team for great customer outcomes. TGT are a fantastic group of people who really care about their Manilla staff. They’re helpful and accommodating and always make time to talk to us at any level. Between Carmela, Peter, Jun, Godfrey and Anne, we certainly feel like we’re in great hands, and have every bit of trust that is required in the support of our Philippines team.


Mathew Clark, Service Delivery Manager
TGT bring all of the infrastructure, experience and resources to the table to start your own offshore team. With their fearless leader Peter Hammon at the helm, the TGT team were able to guide and advise us from day one. The phenomenal HR and Operations teams involved themselves every step of the way when we needed assistance but did not stand in the way of our processes and differences when it came to staff management – we run our offshore team the way that we prefer. We now have an established presence offshore completing our managed services workload at a quality that we simply could not achieve here in Sydney for the same cost to the business. Another satisfying thing about working with TGT is their commitment to continual improvement. Management listen to partner feedback and actually take action! Everything about the operation has improved since we jumped aboard in 2016.

Jem Computers

Steve Breeze, Managed Services Team Leader
Cannot fault TGT’s staff management processes. The key to their and our success in this partnership is the high regard shown to us as a Client and the efforts TGT make to ensure our campaign is a success. I strongly urge any potential clients to speak with several of TGT’s existing clients to get an understanding of the benefits and rewards that are available when setting up a campaign

TEBA Group

Chris Balis, Service Delivery Manager
Building an offshore team can present a variety of cultural, financial, and geographic challenges. Working in partnership with TGT allowed us to mitigate these challenges significantly. Their understanding of the cultural differences and their ability to bridge them is a great asset. From recruitment through to training and Human Resource management, they conduct themselves with patience, respect and professionalism. We recommend TGT to anyone looking to take advantage of the rewarding opportunities that working with an offshore team in The Philippines can present

TBST Digital

Balazs Pinter, Director
Techno Global Team's Clutch Award



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