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- Your Competitor ONSHORE Team OFFSHORE Team + = MSP Success Here is your formula for MSP success... Learn more about how introducing an offshore team can provide you with MSP success

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    We are excited to offer DattoCon Attendees an exclusive offer of $100 off the $750 USD monthly seat rental to assist in getting your offshoring campaign started.

    Offshoring isn’t just about hiring IT technicians; it’s about building a dynamic team. The modern MSP Offshore model incorporates Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Service Delivery positions.

    Techno Global Team was established in 2013 to assist the SMB market to access Professional Service staff and the highly skilled technical workforce in the Philippines. Our focus has been to make your entry into the Philippines seamless, productive and rewarding.

    Our solution has been built to assist MSP growth. It is designed to increase your team’s efficiency while reducing your service delivery costs.

    Your Offshore team allows you to free up your local staff to strengthen client relationships, perform higher value work and scale your business profitability while ensuring the superior customer experience.

    Techno Global Team has created a community of like-minded MSP’s, ISP’s and IT firms all across Australia and New Zealand and we are dedicated to building a better experience for every partner and making sure we share expertise, collaborate and have fun.


    Reduce one of the most expensive parts of your business, your labor cost


    Save time from the tedious task of establishing an office and services


    Add additional to your team with any role at anytime


    Access to a vast talent of young professional ready to work for western companies


    Free up internal resources from oding mundane task, they can be more beneficial to the business and satisfied doing more complex tasks


    Having different time zone and your team can support your clients 24/7


    Lower cost allow you to reinvest in your business to expand your offerings and service


    Access to modern furnished offices in premium locations

    Proudly 100% Australian Owned

    Offshoring allows you to reduce one of the most expensive parts of your business, your labour cost

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