We will provide you with the resources and employment support that integrates with your existing team, while you provide the work activities and manage the team’s performance.


Our Offshoring model leverages the strength of traditional outsourcing but incorporates client-specific responsibilities. This means that while we provide the support on the ground, you drive the outcomes.

Our innovative approach gives you the ability to establish your very own team here in the Philippines without the need to worry about all the legal, payroll, HR and technical requirements. While we employ and support the staff behind the scenes, they are in fact just that, your staff, working exclusively for your company.  We openly encourage you to maintain full control of the teams day-to-day activities, management and to define/monitor their KPIs to ensure you have the ability to directly control your business outcomes.

As part of the Offshoring model, we will provide the following:

  • Modern Workstation
  • Desktop PC (Dual Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)
  • Secure VLAN & Internet access
  • Access to Meeting Rooms & Common areas

As part of the Offshoring model, we provide the following support services:

  • IT & Network Support
  • Operational  Support
  • HR Support & Management
  • Payroll & Benefits Management

Under your offshoring program, we will provide a comprehensive recruitment service to find the right people to fit your role and company culture. This includes:

  • Sourcing talents through various channels
  • Full Speaking, listening and literacy competency testing
  • Background check on each applicants employment
  • Skill and Technical testing
  • Client facing interviews


You let us know what your offshoring requirements are


We do the recruitment vetting, then you hand pick your team


After the staff induction, they are ready for you to get your Offshoring program started


Lower Costs

Reduce one of the most expensive parts of your business, your labor cost

Save time and effort

Save time from the tedious tasks of establishing an office and services


Add additional headcounts to your team with any role at anytime.

Access to talent Pool

Access to a vast talent of young professionals ready to work for western companies

Staff retention

Free up internal resources from doing mundane task, they can be more beneficial to the business and satisfied doing more complex tasks

Greater Availability

Having a different time zone and your team can support your clients 24/7

Business Growth

Lower cost allows you to reinvest in your business to expand your offerings and service

Modern facilities

Access to modern furnished offices in premium locations

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